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So, about that fanfic.

One page into it I was disappointed. It apparently started with Paul Millander magically being one of the good guys - that's what AU is for - so there's no conflict. Except the one of mutual attraction between two hypothetically straight men, but that one starts with established relationship, so it's not there either. All in all, it looked like a case fic with a side order of slash ER for one of the main guys. And without conflict... why would I read it?
Yet... 40k words. Should be one hell of a case fic, then.
So curiosity won, and... it's starting to get interesting. It's so AU that I'm not sure in any pertinent facts from the canon, given how Millander is set up as being one of the good guys instead of the perps, so... there's just enough for 50/50 doubt. Is it? Is it not?
It looked as "not" at the very start, because while they do have staged suicides, they're by hanging, and the motif's different, and the victims' and suspects' names are all different, so it might be just a coincidence, just author's choice of what to make the case of.
But then... incongruent hair... and I started hoping.
Then behavioural oddities, and I kept hoping.
And now Greg says it came back XX, plus something else he wanted to tell Gil, and... I'm saying "yes, please".

Then it would be conflict. Oh, one hell of a conflict. It isn't the spin that I would put on that original 2x13 idea, but I can see why the author went with it. Betrayal - discovering it, feeling betrayed - is one of the most powerful things that can happen in a story.

But "medium length brunette hair"?
As far as I understand "medium length", it's kind of touching shoulders, and that's a little too long for what I'm thinking.
Although, there's no precise description of appearance, and the author has already got eye colour wrong.

Still points my way... except maybe there's a twin sister, but what are the odds that both would have gender issues?

No excepts. It went my way. Betrayal and grief. I kind of half-hoped for a face-to-face, but I knew it wasn't going to happen.

Ends with a cover-up too, and while I find it oddly logical, it opposes the canon where the case may not go to court, but the team would know the truth. So there's that... "no closure" feeling.
Which is probably the intended effect.

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