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What is that saying, again? Whatever twisted thing you thought of, someone else has thought of first?
CSI, 2x13, major plot twist on one of recurring perpetrators. Paul Millander. I didn't go there before, but after that one... I just had to check AO3. So I typed his name. Three results. Only one doesn't list him in a pairing. Two others do. Guess who's the other guy.
The second one is so many types of wrong from the summary and tags alone I'm not going anywhere near it, the one that doesn't pair Millander is odd on the other accounts, but the first one... whoever wrote that, they saw what I saw and thought something along the same lines of what I thought, and went with it — for the whole of 40k words.
It's called All That I Am.
Honestly? I'm a little afraid to read it.
But I admire the size.
It's either cliche to the extreme, or very good. Those things, so far from mainstream, don't tend to be average.
The thing is, I don't actually ship it. It was just a thought. Granted, without that kind of thought no shipping would occur, but there's no guarantee that there would necessary be any with it.
But I did have the thought. And I did come looking. Specifically, even though I only typed one name, looking for slash.
Well, seek, and ye shall find. (Religious folks would so hate me for using that quote on such matter.)

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