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Just one more before I should go home.

Wow, that's a nice set of ears. Although by the way he's scanning those acoustic peaks, he's using his eyes too.

Oh, now I'm worried about Fusco. Not as much as I'm worried about Greer succeeding with frying Sameen's brains, but still.

He wants to know about Elias? Is it the remaining guy from the trio, the accountant/banker? I thought he looked different...

Wow, baby Samaritan... and a baby Machine... it's an interesting idea to let them clash, but how would Finch ensure that the Machine get the upper hand?

Aaaand I don't like how he turned his back on the cage and Root when taking the call, just after announcing he's not going to let her watch...

Hey, that ears guy is good! And nice and wholesome. I mean, persisting in pursuing the shots even when shotseeker called false alarm? (And why would the system do that, huh? anyone guessing?)

...and Finch cannot ensure that the baby Machine gets the upper hand, he can only ensure that he sees the result and the field gets reset. She's smarter, though, so why not? Samaritan's too aggressive?

Oohh, new recruits! Not very subtle, though.

I wonder how John is going to convince Bruce Moran to sit quiet...
But hey! Maybe Team Machine can enlist him?

Okay, shotseeker is giving bullshit again. Anyone for guessing? My money's on Samaritan, although perhaps not directly (or perhaps very directly, he's bold like that).

Grey van?! Silver grey?! Isn't it the one that had THE MACHINE'S NEW RECRUITS just this afternoon?

Okay, maybe not.

Goddammit, John's getting hit in the head all too often lately.
Except it doesn't look like those are Samaritan's ops... maybe Moran? Or maybe still Samaritan. Moran's better, of course.

Finch should have put trackers on John ages ago, after that freezing-in-the-car case.

Fusco's pretty fierce, but I'm afraid that's not gonna help him.

Poor Finch is left watching the playground, and baby Samaritan keeps winning. Although I suspect that baby Machine's going to start scoring anytime. Go get him, girl! Smooch him if you need to.

There's that ginger guy!

Wait. WAIT! Did I get it all wrong? Are those Samaritan's assets? I suppose I wasn't at my brightest when I watched 5x02, but it's hard to conceive mistaking Samaritan's target-circle for Machine's square...

Hey, it's Moran, not Samaritan, who has John. Well, just tell him! Although an AI bent on world domination isn't a good explanation. Maybe only tell him about the sniper. Maybe blame ISA...

No, really, I guess I need to go back to 5x02 right now.

Oh-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... not at my brightest, indeed. Or more like at my dimmest. Effing damned bleeding hell.

Now that we've established that, let's backtrack a little. So the not-so-subtle guys in a van, watching Fusco and the guy with good ears, were Samaritan's ops. It was the same silver van, and the ginger guy is Samaritan's reqruit. And that Mona woman as well. And damn her for using Finch's phrases.

Hoping that it's all I've missed, let's go forward.

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwoooow! Finch and team saved Elias! :dance3:

But baby Machine hasn't won a single simulation. :sadtxt:

Go Team Machine. :pc: :heart:

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