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Wow, that's a strong start...
Is that Shaw? Is it? It seems to be her eye, but hair's kind of light, and it's difficult to tell the head shape under all that equipment... and why is she awake when they cut into her head? Although, it's just skin and muscle, they're not drilling her skull at least...

Close to her brain stem? He put it barely behind her ear! There's solid skull underneath! Isn't the closest point to the spinal cord - which is structurally continuous with the brain stem - at the exact back of one's head and neck?
Unless they drilled a hole beforehand and let it heal. :sadtxt:


Screw your own head, Greer!


Aww, she didn't off Lambert. Leaving a potential threat like that, merciful, but not very wise.

Run run run run ruuuuun!

I do hope she gets out, but I'm afraid to count on it...

Oh I hope that boat is functional and not as a tease.

Is it what I think? She's going to colour her hair or otherwise change her appearance? If so, then - FFFFUNKEN FINALLY!

Nope, but what she is doing is better at the moment, I guess.

Ох нихрена ж себе!

OH MY! Sure thing, Shaw, the Machine is gonna hear you, but so will big Sammy! How about that?

She really, really needs this thing out of her brain.



Well, hot damn. Shawrooters get their fix, what about us?

Oh holy freaking hell.

That was stupid, crazy, silly, mad and did I mention crazy and stupid?

Okay, maybe not...

Maybe not at all...

No, dammit, don't pause! Not for a single second! Kill him! Kill him dead!

Hah, they renamed Greer to Primary in Samaritan's eyes. He was Admin before.
Still, I'd like to see him dead, preferably now.

Oh, I remember the church!
By the way, if stupid genius Claire catches up with them now, I'm gonna say "told so".

"Irrelevant", my arse. Greer calls the shots! He's the one "suggesting" Samaritan what to do! I maintain, kill him! And fast!

Finch is disapproving, of course, but it isn't even Control at her worst, it's goddamned Greer! He'd never stop!

Wow, they did find something. But Greer wouldn't want an off switch, he's too far gone in this whole "brave new world" thing. It might be an emergency beacon, instead...

It may be a kill-switch.
...or not! It would be too easy! It may be something that drives Samaritan totally crazy! Make him go all in! And you should kill Greer before you try it, or at least secure him in some deep dark hole where no one can find him, and keep him unconscious too.

And DON'T leave her within visible distance from Greer! He's going to keep screwing with her head!

Oh, they shut him up. Great.

No, don't! Don't let him talk!

I hope he's lying. If they could write a kill-switch for the Machine, they'd deploy the code ages ago. It might be dangerous, as in it might make Samaritan go crazy or some other nasty stuff, but they can't hurt the Machine, or they would have already.

Wow. She did it. She did it. Finally.
Unless she's hallucinating, of course. But I hope not.

No. Just, no. John's not dying, so I'm going to believe it's some kind of simulation, and I'm starting right now. Because no, he's not dying, not a chance.

Looks like she's going to bash her brains out, too.

No, she isn't, but now John doesn't seem as badly wounded as I thought... still, it's freaky dangerous and I'm going to believe it's a reconstruction.

She did blow her brains out. And it is a reconstruction. But unlike the Machine's ones, those are running in Shaw's head. Damn Greer.

And he's alive again.

Go Team Machine. :pc: :heart:

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