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Oh hell.
Glad everyone's fine.
But it's getting very serious.

Weird that Jane's so calm about it. He used to take it more serious when his team was seriously threatened... or not? Maybe not.

So, he says pick a photo, I'm picking a photo. I'm for Volker. Although it's less instincts and more the fact that he's the only one I actually recognized and remembered the name of. I recognize the top rightmost one, from Visualize, and the one next to him also seems familiar, and the top leftmost is probably a pedophile, I remember him being on Jane's fake list, but no names for those, or others. And yeah, there are titles underneath the photos, but I'm watching online so the letters are too blurred to read. So, Volker.
Maybe I just want to see him again.
(Does that sound a little wrong, or it's alright wanting to see an awful character?)

Cho picked Volker. :smiletxt:

I guess we'll be seeing all among the selected subset, so I do get to see him?

Aww. No I don't.

And it ends on a cliff-hanger, too. And I'm worried for Grace.

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