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Damn! Stiles, Haffner and McAllister! The goddamn explosion just had to take the two without dots.
I was rather positive Stiles wasn't the man. Haffner - not so sure, but having no dots and being killed kind of both speak in his favour. McAllister though... might not be Red John himself, but probably was his man.
Someone in that room must have sacrificed himself via an explosion to let the boss escape.

What's good news, though, is that we're now down to two suspects.

That is, if the identification was correct. Although, we have two escaped on feet, three burned, five total, to botch the identification they would have to bring an extra body before the explosion.
That is, if the explosion was executed by one of the five suspects and not by some extra person...

And Bertram went right for Jane's throat! If he's not Red John himself, then he's very deeply into Red John's network.

Huh! I knew that policeman looked shady! But the other one... I thought it's Rigsby and Van Pelt already, but no, there are two corrupt ones! Maybe more to come.

I'm pretty sure either "Tyger Tyger" cops don't know it's a Red John thing, or it's really not. Maybe Red John read the poem to throw Jane off scent.
Except, if they aren't brainwashed madmen, why would they say their callsign before dying?
Still, it would be decidedly odd if it turns out the corrupt organization is unrelated to Red John's accomplices.

Aaand they still have a CBI source. Brenda went down already, I wonder who else is there. But then, there's a whole bunch of no-names I don't give a second of attention to, anyone would do.

Oh, the second one isn't a no-name. Cordero. As if I'd remember. Upon searching, yeah, the one who brought the file on Kirkland's shooting, and kept smiling creepily. I thought he maybe was Visualize's. He's worse.

That's getting very out of hand very quick.

Maybe the "Tyger Tyger" thing started out as Red John's, but he delegated the authority to hire new members, and the thing grew? And since they're picked properly, brainwashed, and executed in case of disobeyance, the ones that survive obey blindly without knowing who's at the roots?

Yeah, Jane's right. Maybe they say "Tyger Tyger" before death not because they're brainwashed madmen, but in hopes of getting help or at least having their evidence covered, to keep things secret.

The fact that they're out to kill Smith kind of incriminates Bertram for Red John. Because that's the only choice left, and Red John kind of confirmed Jane's list of seven suspects back then. It would be awfully, awfully unfair if the initial supposition is wrong.

Yeah, they don't know about Red John. The Blake Association, heh.
Oh, this one does. Too deep to get out, though.
As I said, way out of hand. But then, it's more handy this way. Red John's favours are lost among hundreds of others'.

Oh ffffuuuunk...

Still, I'd ask that guy to show his shoulder, no matter where he says he's from. But I guess the plot isn't that tangled.
Or is it?

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