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Счастье есть! :wine:
С меня креатив. :smiletxt:

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:apstenu: :apstenu: :apstenu:

А что делать? :nope:

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Biblusha: Отрицание, Гнев, Торг, Депрессия, Принятие
Muxto: Суббота, Воскресенье

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ЧОРД :lol::facepalm3::apstenu:

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I don't know

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I don't know how people work between themselves.
And I try to write, heh.
I guess I do when I write, but not when it comes to me, in real life.
I see one character asking another "Walk with me?" in an entirely neutral circumstance, and I wonder, "wow, people do that?" But they do. I know they do. I did. I walked with that guy from machines through the exhibition for three hours, talking stuff (machines, mills, lasers, other equipment, what they do, what we do, etc), and it was just a social thing, a courtesy thing. People do that. It's not black and white. Interpersonal interaction is not a choice between the white of "strong common interests" or "being a team" or "romantic interest" and the black of aggression and violence. Sometimes people just do nice stuff together without one investing something first. It happens, really happens. Why don't I know that on some instinctual level?
Why is it that I think that if I don't invest something first, there's no good interaction to follow?
I don't mean money. It's seldom money that I invest. Usually effort.
And isn't it why my creativity is failing me lately? That I used it all up, paying for people being nice?
I really should go to the 'con. Even if they end up providing no dance classes (there's a line in the description, but none in the actual schedule). Just for that nice feeling. For pleasant interaction. Paying the price for the ticket is actually cheaper that what I normally do, effort-wise. Simply because an hour of my good work is worth much more.
Which means I need to buy dancing shoes tomorrow. Just in case there are dance classes. If there aren't, I can use them at a later date.

And goddamn hell, I wonder if my mode of operation of bying my way into someone's graces with fan-content is viewed as seeing and appreciating that person's work instead of the person themselves. I guess it does.
At least it did once.
I'm so freaking sorry.

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эх, рейтинг...

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why do you

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Dammit dammit!
Why am I doing this.
It's... it's a good emotion, overall, actually. Fun, somewhat... but god, does it tear at me. And I want to scream, and there's no point, and I know what I should really do, what might fix it, but it's hard, god dammit it's hard, and most of the time I'm so weary I've grown indifferent, but I decided to - well, no actually it happened accidentally - anyway, I ended up refreshing it all, jump-starting that drive while opening that old wound as well, and dammit, dammit! What do I do, how do I keep that drive and not that pain? How do I save myself from that excruciating regret? How do I do it?

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Okay, sometimes I get sad and try to find a song to express it... and end up getting distracted with choosing the version. :tonguetxt:
Still haven't found a satisfying variant.
I guess it's just as well.

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новый рек

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Вернее, старый, но в прошлый раз я забыла.
Пусть никто не уйдет обиженный

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oh yay again

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Mikanis is continuing Of Music! :dance3:
Now, I don't remember a single sentence from "Of Music", other than it's a Death Note AU fanfic (really AU) where Light isn't getting a Death Note and is addicted to classic music instead, but I do remember it's awesome. I'm not going to re-read it now, because even one chapter longer it's still unfinished, but that doesn't prevent me from cheering. :dance3: I also don't think I remember my password on fanfiction.net, so I didn't go to comment immediately. But I will. Cheering for authors of awesome ongoings tends to increase the likelyhood of the ongoings being finished.

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ну да...

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...флешмоб предполагал картинки. Ну да.
Картинки в этой мешанине обычно находятся по тегу oppan canvas size, означающему Photoshop, или актеры и модели, иногда означающему фото и скриншоты.

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ах да, спецквест

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Вчера я молодец. Сегодня я лох. Жизнь переменчива.
Под сегодня подразумевается от 02.03.2016 и до момента засыпания, так что.

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there goes my background

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Just finished the last episode of Medium while migrating one of my progs from indy9 to indy10. Didn't even know it was the last until the plot made it obvious.
Funken hell! I'm going to suffer withdrawal!

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голосовать за челлендж - по 27 февраля!

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избранное из крипипасты

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Поймал - как и пишут в комментах, "Очень годный слеш" :-D
Друг - к девушке-ГГ приходит друг на кухонные посиделки
Друг по переписке - длинная, запутанная, невнятная серия, но пусть будет
Маленькая Катя
Изоляция - про кольцевую линию метро

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даже не в дедлайн! =P

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из челленджа баттла

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Lol, Medium has a soulmate-AU in 7x02 :lol:

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I've met the name of the song "Space Oddity" a couple of times. It's kind of famous, I guess. And I knew it's Bowie, but I never really wanted to listen to it, because of the name. I really like his voice, but I just didn't.
Cue the Medium series, episode 6x10, where it plays at the start, and, by seven tones, I'm hooked. (Why couldn't they call it "Ground Control to Major Tom"? That would be instantly attention-grabbing.)
Maybe it's just me, as usual.

@музыка: David Bowie - Space Oddity

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